PE Gas & Water Pipe Recycling Site Clearance Service

PE Gas  water pipe recycling site clearance services IMG1Moulding Solutions Ltd have the experience and fully trained and certified staff for effectively size reducing and clearing your site whether at the end of contract or as a mid contract site restoration project

Our staff have been trained in the use of chainsaws and arrive complete with all the necessary PPE Clothing and Equipment. They are certified First Aiders who are encouraged to be friendly, helpful and accommodating. They are fully insured for working on your site, covered by both our Employers and Public Liability Insurances
Once on site Coils can be cut for easier safer loading and removal from site as too can large diameter or lengthy pipes. A sufficient Team will be supplied to facilitate an efficient and speedy clearance of the site.

And We Still Pay You For Your Waste !!!

PE Gas  water pipe recycling site clearance services IMG2Note:- we have developed our own unique process for recycling fusion fittings including those that have been welded so encapsulating the metal wire. This has been so successful we also purchase these from a large percentage of our competitors.