Recycling from the Plastics and Other Industries

Recycling from the plastics  Other industries IMG1As a Leading UK Recycler Moulding Solutions supply a service for the collection of End of Life, Scrap and Redundant Thermo-Plastics. Ensuring important resources are diverted away from costly and archaic landfill systems, whilst allowing the waste producer to surpass the expectations of their Environmental Systems.

In Most Cases the Plastics Waste has a Value to the Producer !!!

Moulding Solutions can quickly assess your waste and offer the simplest and most effective solution. The assessment process will include discussion for the supply where required of appropriate containment systems for the waste, maximising your storage space and simplifying segregation to maximise value to you !!!

Containment systems available include an array of cages and collapsing pallet boxes, to bespoke 6 or 8 cubic yard mini skips, to Standard 40 cubic yard Roll on Roll off skips.

Recycling from the plastics  Other industries IMG2Once a system for segregating and collecting the waste is established Moulding Solutions can then assist with drafting work procedures and the training of your staff, ensuring maximum value as your waste accumulates.

Collections are arranged on a “called for” basis, usually within 2-3 working days. Alternatively they can be set up for a cyclical collection when the waste is generated on a repetitive way. Collections are carried out using our own fleet of vehicles covered by our “waste carriers license” and each collection is issued with a “Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note” for your records and as a traceability of your waste disposal

When it comes to Payment Moulding Solutions Pay Top Value for your waste and is renowned for it’s prompt hassle free payment system.

We Are Always Wanting:-

  • Scrap Mouldings and Extrusions
  • Redundant Polymers
  • End of Life Plastic Containers
  • Plastic Skeletal Waste
  • All General Thermo-Plastic Waste