Re-Processing for Plastic Manufacturers Washing & Separation

Reprosessing for Plastic Manufacturers Washing  Seperation IMG1Our Separation techniques include:-

De-Dusting This removes dry dust, fines from the granulation process or paper label.

Densification Our facilities allow us to remove heavier contamination from your regrind Polyolefins, including gravel, ferrous and non ferrous metals and heavier engineering polymers.

Washing We have available 3 separate wash plants each with its own slightly different expertise which can ensure the cleanliness of your regrinds. We recommend washed regrind moves forward to our compounding process, which is equipped with vented barrel technology which ensures the removal of the final traces of moisture from the regrind as there may be >1% moisture following the wash process.

Reprosessing for Plastic Manufacturers Washing  Seperation IMG2