Re-Processing for Plastic Manufacturers Size Reduction

Reprosessing for Plastic Manufacturers Size Reduction IMG1Regular clearance from your site for size reduction at Moulding Solutions allows us to store your scrap materials to build up sufficient quantity to make a practical run size whilst keeping your storage space to a minimum.

Size reduction can be achieved in many ways, we have skilled trained staff who regularly reduce very large mouldings, extrusions and head waste utilising a chainsaw

Once initial reductions has taken place where required, we have shredding facilities which can be used for the next level of size reduction if required. Usually very heavy thick walled products or lumps, the shredders are formatted in line with granulators for further reduction to regrind.

However for the large majority of mouldings and extrusions we have an impressive range of granulators that can handle the regrinding process. Our granulators having feed apertures up to 800x1200mm with 135 KW motors ensuring a speedy and efficient reduction to regrind.

If your requirements are simply for the regrind process we return your material in FIBC’s.

But look at what else we can do with your materials

Reprosessing for Plastic Manufacturers Size Reduction IMG2