Re-Processing for Plastic Manufacturers Collection and Delivery

Reprosessing for Plastic Manufacturers Collection  Delivery IMG1Moulding Solutions Ltd operates its own fleet of vehicles ranging from 3.5 tonne panel vans to 44 tonne articulated lorries with an array of options in between.

Supporting our transport fleet we have many ways of assisting with the containment of your scrap for both storage and shipping. These include a variety of cages, stillage's and pallet boxes all the way up to 40 cubic yard skips.

With the experience we gain daily from the purchasing of manufacturing scrap from the industry, we are able to handle collection and receipt at our recycling factory in many formats: bagged, palletised or containerised.

Moulding Solutions offer prompt and regular collections, keeping your site clear, reducing storage space taken by your own scrap.

Once processed we have the resources to return your materials back to you in valve sacks, FIBC bulk bags or tanker for filling your silo’s.

Choose the process you think would benefit you and contact us for a full site review.

Reprosessing for Plastic Manufacturers Collection  Delivery IMG2 Reprosessing for Plastic Manufacturers Collection  Delivery IMG3