Local Authority Waste Container Recycling Street Collection Service

Local Authority Waste Container Street Collection Service IMG1For many reasons Local Authorities are required to change their wheeled bins and kerb side containers on either an individual round or a borough wide basis. Obviously there are many reasons for this ranging simply due to age, the first wheeled bins being introduced into the UK in the mid 1980’s approaching 30 years old, with the advent of kerb side boxes and caddies not far behind in their introduction. There are also the strategic changes in waste and recycling needs due to government and European policies and the change in how the population as a whole have changed their life style and waste collection needs, which can require a change in container size or style.

Moulding Solutions has the experience to help! We would first get involved with the Authority in the planning stage advising on best practise and the pitfalls to be avoided in street collections.

Once the plans are established and rounds to be collected identified, these are surveyed to select the most appropriate method whilst identifying obstacles to be taken into account that may effect the collection process, This is used for our Team briefings prior to each collection day.

Dependant on the rate of uplift required of the containers, Moulding Solutions will prepare and supply one or more crews to ensure the days collection targets are met. As each truck load arrives for off loading at our Doncaster factory it is counted and a “Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note” is raised recording quantities collected by each load, a copy of these notes goes to the Authority for its records.

Local Authority Waste Container Street Collection Service IMG2Previously Moulding Solutions has successfully carried out street collections on small single round pilot project of around 600, through to a 120,000 Metropolitan Authority wide collection which was phased over 12 months.

Our previous experience gives us the benefit of positive Local Authority references, please ask and we can put you in touch with the people who we worked with and for on previous projects.

Are Strategy changes in your Authority being considered? Call Moulding Solutions early and allow us to be involved in the initial planning to ensure an efficient and effective street collection round by round.

Remember there is usually sufficient value for this work to be completed and still return a positive value to the Authority !!!